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Alternative rock band 311 has announced their highly anticipated “Unity Tour” for 2024, which will take them to amphitheaters, pavilions, music centers, resorts, fairgrounds, and festivals across North America from April through September. The tour will feature special guests AWOLNATION and Neon Trees on select dates. Tickets for 311 concerts available for sale at TicketsTeam.

Festival Appearances

In addition to their headlining tour dates, 311 will also be appearing at several festivals throughout 2024:

  • Brightside Festival (April 27) – Orlando, FL – Featuring Sublime, Goldfinger, Story of the Year, Face To Face, and Save Ferris.
  • Sonic Temple Festival (May 16-19) – Columbus, OH – Featuring Slipknot, The Original Misfits, Disturbed, Pantera, and Limp Bizkit.
  • Rock Fest (July 18-20) – Cadott, WI – Featuring Thirty Seconds to Mars, Killswitch Engage, Sevendust, Dirty Honey, and Ayron Jones.
  • Sea.Hear.Now Festival (Sept. 14-15) – Asbury Park, NJ – Featuring Bruce Springsteen, Noah Kahan, Gaslight Anthem, Trey Anastasio Band, and Norah Jones.

What to Expect at 311’s Concerts

311, the renowned alternative rock band, is known for their electrifying live performances that seamlessly blend elements of rock, reggae, hip-hop, and funk. Fans attending the “Unity Tour” in 2024 can anticipate an unforgettable evening filled with the band’s biggest hits and deep cuts from their extensive discography, all delivered with the band’s signature energy and musicianship.

As concertgoers take their seats, the anticipation will be palpable. The stage, adorned with vibrant lighting and unique visuals, will set the tone for the high-energy performance to come. When 311 takes the stage, the crowd will erupt in cheers, eager to experience the band’s infectious grooves and positive vibes.

The setlist for the “Unity Tour” will be a celebration of 311’s incredible career, featuring their most beloved songs that have become anthems for generations of fans. Attendees can expect to hear classics like “Down,” “All Mixed Up,” “Amber,” and “Beautiful Disaster,” which showcase the band’s ability to craft catchy, uplifting tunes that resonate with audiences of all ages.

In addition to their biggest hits, 311 will also delve into deeper cuts from their vast catalog. These songs, while perhaps not as widely recognized, are equally powerful and demonstrate the band’s versatility and musical prowess. Fans will have the opportunity to discover or rediscover hidden gems that further showcase 311’s unique fusion of genres and their ability to create a cohesive, engaging live experience.

Throughout the concert, 311’s musicianship will be on full display. The band, comprised of Nick Hexum (vocals, guitar), SA Martinez (vocals, turntables), Chad Sexton (drums), Tim Mahoney (guitar), and P-Nut (bass), will deliver tight, dynamic performances that highlight their individual talents and collective chemistry. The interplay between the band members will be a testament to their decades of experience and the passion they bring to each live show.

One of the hallmarks of a 311 concert is the strong connection the band has with their dedicated fanbase, affectionately known as the “311 Family.” The band’s positive energy and inclusive atmosphere create a sense of unity and camaraderie among concertgoers, fostering an environment where everyone feels welcome and part of a shared experience. Fans will find themselves singing along, dancing, and feeding off the infectious enthusiasm radiating from the stage and their fellow attendees.

Adding to the excitement of the “Unity Tour” will be the presence of special guests AWOLNATION and Neon Trees on select dates. These bands, each with their own unique sound and style, will complement 311’s performance and provide fans with a diverse and engaging musical experience. AWOLNATION, known for their alternative rock hits like “Sail,” will bring their intense energy and powerful vocals to the stage, while Neon Trees, with their blend of new wave, pop, and alternative rock, will get the crowd dancing with their infectious hooks and lively stage presence.

As the concert draws to a close, fans will be left with a sense of euphoria and unity. 311’s music has a unique ability to uplift and inspire, leaving concertgoers feeling energized and connected to something greater than themselves. The shared experience of singing, dancing, and celebrating life through music will create lasting memories and strengthen the bond between the band and their fans.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of 311 live on their 2024 “Unity Tour.” Check the schedule, compare ticket options, and secure your seats for a night of incredible music, positive vibes, and a celebration of one of the most enduring and influential bands in the alternative rock scene. A 311 concert is more than just a musical event; it is a testament to the power of music to bring people together and create a sense of unity and joy that lasts long after the final notes have faded away.


311 is an American rock band from Omaha, Nebraska that fuses together various genres including reggae, hip-hop, funk, and metal into a unique hybrid sound. The band was formed in 1988 by Nick Hexum (vocals/guitar), Jim Watson (drums), Aaron “P-Nut” Wills (bass), and Tim Mahoney (guitar). DJ Doug “SA” Martinez joined a couple years later to provide turntable elements.

The quintet’s fusion of rap rock, funk metal, and reggae caught on during the rap-rock boom of the early 1990s. Their self-titled debut album “311” was released in 1995 and achieved triple platinum status, powered by the singles “Down” and “All Mixed Up.”

311 built a strong following through constant touring and their highly energetic live shows. Their subsequent albums like “Transistor” (1997), “Soundsystem” (1999), and “From Chaos” (2001) continued their musical blend and commercial success.

While avoiding mainstream stardom, 311 has maintained a dedicated fanbase over their three-decade career. Their rhythmic hybrid style incorporates Nick Hexum’s rapping over hard rock riffs, funky basslines, reggae grooves, and DJ scratching. Lyrically, their songs often have a positive outlook touching on topics like unity, personal freedom, and having a good time.

311 is praised for their impressive musicianship and ability to seamlessly transition between disparate genres within their songs. Their live performances are known for their high energy, with the band members’ interplay and Hexum’s interaction with the crowd being highlights.

With over 9 million records sold in the U.S. alone, 311 has achieved a longevity that few bands from the rap-rock era have matched. Their unique sound has inspired many other artists while building one of the most dedicated fanbases in music.

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