Lindsey Stirling Tickets 2024 – “The Duality Tour”

Acclaimed violinist and dancer Lindsey Stirling has announced her highly anticipated “The Duality Tour” for 2024, which will take her to various cities across North America. The tour is in support of her latest album “Duality,” released in 2023. Tickets for Lindsey Stirling concerts available for sale at TicketsTeam.

Lindsey Stirling Tickets Information

Tickets for Lindsey Stirling’s “The Duality Tour” are available through various ticketing platforms, including Ticketmaster, Vivid Seats, and the artist’s official website. On Ticketmaster, tickets for most shows are currently on sale, with prices varying depending on the venue and seat location.

Vivid Seats, a secondary market ticketing platform, also offers tickets for various tour dates. While prices on Vivid Seats may be higher or lower than face value, they offer a 100% buyer guarantee, ensuring that your transaction will be safe, secure, and your tickets will be delivered before the event.
 According to Vivid Seats, ticket prices for select shows start at the following amounts:
  • June 1, 2024, in San Diego, CA: $49
  • June 14, 2024, in Chicago, IL: $59
  • June 20, 2024, in New York, NY: $79
  • June 28, 2024, in Mashantucket, CT: $69

Fans are encouraged to compare prices across different platforms and act quickly, as tickets for Lindsey Stirling’s shows are expected to sell out fast.

What to Expect at Lindsey Stirling’s Concerts

A Visually Stunning Spectacle

Lindsey Stirling’s concerts are a true spectacle, combining her virtuosic violin playing with intricate choreography, mesmerizing lighting, and stunning visuals. Fans can expect an immersive and visually captivating experience that celebrates Stirling’s artistic vision and the fusion of different art forms.

The Duality Pre-Show Experience

For fans who purchase VIP packages, the concert experience begins even before the show with the “Duality Pre-Show Experience.” This exclusive event features an intimate Q&A session with Lindsey Stirling, interactive photo opportunities, and a curated gallery showcasing costumes, memorabilia, and props from her career. Light snacks and refreshments are also provided, creating a truly immersive and engaging experience for dedicated fans.

Seamless Integration of Music and Dance

One of the hallmarks of Lindsey Stirling’s live performances is the seamless integration of music and dance. As she performs her unique blend of violin and electronic music, Stirling and her talented dancers will execute intricate choreography, adding a visual dimension to the music that captivates the audience.

Aerial Acts and Costume Changes

In addition to her violin playing and dancing, Stirling’s concerts often feature breathtaking aerial lyra acts, showcasing her incredible physical strength and grace. Fans can also expect to witness multiple costume changes throughout the show, each outfit designed by Stirling herself to complement the music and enhance the overall visual experience.

Collaborations and Special Guests

Throughout “The Duality Tour,” Lindsey Stirling will be joined by her talented band, adding an extra layer of energy and excitement to the performances. Additionally, special guest artists like Walk off the Earth and Saint Motel will make appearances on select dates, offering fans the opportunity to witness unique collaborations and performances.

Immersive Lighting and Visual Effects

Stirling’s concerts are known for their stunning lighting design and visual effects, which complement her music and create an immersive atmosphere. From mesmerizing projections to dynamic lighting cues, the visual elements of the show are carefully crafted to enhance the overall experience and transport the audience into Stirling’s artistic world.

Meet and Greet Opportunities

For fans who purchase the “Lindsey Stirling Front Row Experience” or “Lindsey Stirling Meet & Greet Experience” VIP packages, there will be the opportunity to meet Lindsey Stirling in person, take a photo with her, and receive an autographed framed art print and exclusive merchandise.

Lindsey Stirling’s concerts on “The Duality Tour” promise to be a truly immersive and unforgettable experience, blending her exceptional musical talent with stunning visuals, choreography, and a celebration of her artistic vision. From the pre-show experience to the main event, fans can expect a night of entertainment that transcends the boundaries of a traditional concert, leaving them in awe of Stirling’s unique and captivating artistry.

Lindsey Stirling Biography – Key Facts

Early Life and Musical Beginnings

  • Lindsey Stirling was born on September 21, 1986, in Santa Ana, California.
  • She began learning to play the violin at the age of 5, after being influenced by classical music recordings played by her father.
  • Stirling took private violin lessons for 12 years.

High School and College Years

  • When she was 16, Stirling joined a rock band called “Stomp on Melvin” with four friends from Mesquite High School in Arizona.
  • Her performance of a solo violin rock song helped her win the state title of Arizona’s Junior Miss and the Spirit Award in the America’s Junior Miss Finals competition.
  • Stirling attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, to study recreational therapy.
  • She also performed missionary work in New York City for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Rise to Fame

  • In 2010, at the age of 23, Stirling competed on the TV show “America’s Got Talent” and made it to the quarter-finals before being voted off.
  • After her appearance on AGT, she began posting videos on YouTube, which gained massive viral success.
  • Her YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers and her videos have received over 100 million views.
  • Stirling’s big break came through her collaboration with cinematographer Devin Graham, with whom she has made several popular videos since 2010.

Music Career

  • Stirling is known as a “Dancing Violinist” who blends violin performance with dance and electronic music.
  • She has released several albums, including her self-titled debut in 2012, “Shatter Me” in 2014, “Brave Enough” in 2016, and “Artemis” in 2019.
  • Her album “Artemis” reached No. 1 on the Billboard Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart.
  • Stirling has collaborated with artists like LMFAO, The Decemberists, Peter Hollens, Eppic, and Megan Nicole.
  • She is known for her high-concept music videos that often involve singing, dancing, action scenes, and incredible locations.

Touring and Other Ventures

  • Stirling is committed to a busy touring schedule, regularly traveling around the USA and internationally to perform for her growing fanbase.
  • In 2012, she toured around Italy with the Italian rock band The Sidh.
  • Stirling is also a New York Times bestselling author and has created her own comic book.
  • She is an anorexia survivor and has been open about her struggles with the eating disorder.
  • Stirling’s father, religious educator and author Stephen J. Stirling, passed away from cancer in 2017.

Throughout her career, Lindsey Stirling has gained recognition for her unique blend of violin performance, dance, and electronic music, as well as her imaginative music videos and live shows. Her perseverance and dedication to her craft have made her a viral sensation and a respected artist in the music industry.
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