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San Antonio Spurs basketball tickets for home and away games

Think you’re ready to be in the stands for a Spurs game? Check out the selection of San Antonio Spurs tickets available at TicketsTeam. You can buy basketball tickets for a home game, away game, pre-season and post-season games. This professional sports team has been known as one of the top in the NBA since its inception in 1967 with five championships added to their legacy.

If you want to see the Spurs play on their home court, get your San Antonio Spurs tickets today by ordering them through TicketsTeam. AT&T Center is where the ballers play and you’ll be able to cheer them on from any seat in the arena thanks to our interactive seating chart and list views.

The Spurs have been one of the most successful teams in the NBA over the past 20 years.

The San Antonio Spurs have been one of the most successful teams in the NBA over the past 20 years. They have won five NBA championships in that span and have seen stars like Tim Duncan and David Robinson lead it to success for two decades.

If you are interested in obtaining San Antonio Spurs tickets, please contact us at your convenience. If you include your telephone number, we will be happy to call you back when we are available to talk more about purchasing San Antonio Spurs tickets.

The team has seen stars like Tim Duncan and David Robinson lead it to success for two decades.

Spurs tickets are always in high demand, and the team’s fans have been rewarded with consistent winning seasons and home playoff games. Four championship titles in 20 years is an amazing feat, especially in today’s NBA. The Spurs have consistently found success by hiring great coaches, retaining a core group of talented players for long periods of time, and playing fundamentally sound basketball on both sides of the court.

The Spurs have won five NBA championships in the past 20 years.

The San Antonio Spurs have won five NBA championships since 1999, in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2014. Since the Spurs’ first championship in 1999, the franchise has sustained a remarkable level of success. Only four other teams have won more than two championships during this span: the Los Angeles Lakers (five), Miami Heat (three) and Golden State Warriors (two). Over their 20-year run of excellence, the Spurs have failed to qualify for the playoffs just once.

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How much are San Antonio Spurs tickets?

As is the case with every game and team, prices for San Antonio Spurs tickets will vary depending on the match up, day of the week, time of day, and even how early you buy your tickets. That said, there are a few general rules to keep in mind.

  • The Spurs rarely play on Sunday nights or Mondays, so if you’re looking for a weekday game in San Antonio, Monday is probably your best bet.
  • Ticket sellers tend to charge more for games at night than they do during the day.
  • If you want to see the Spurs play at home without breaking the bank, consider going during their two preseason weeks or early in their regular season schedule when they’re known to give away promotional items such as T-shirts and posters.
  • Most teams sell fewer tickets as the season drags on—buy earlier rather than later if possible!

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